The Revd Thomas Roberts A.M. and his extended family
The Revd Thomas Roberts A.M.

The Roberts - Constable family with notes on Austen and Windsor

The Constable - Curtis family

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The extended family of the Revd Thomas Roberts A.M.

Rector of St Peter's Cornhill and Vicar of Tottenham, Middlesex

The purpose of this web site is to collate information on part of the extended family of the Revd Thomas Roberts A.M., who was Rector of St Peter's Cornhill and Vicar of Tottenham, Middlesex.

This I do in the hope that some, or all, of it may be of interest to other researchers investigating one or more of the lineages mentioned.

It is further hoped that fresh light might be shed on poorly documented or missing portions of the record. Little, for instance, is known of Edward Constable.

My name is David Morris and I am a descendant of the Revd Thomas Roberts, through his daughter Mary Ann [Margaret] Roberts, who married Henry Vigne. Henry Vigne's son, Henry Thomas Vigne (my ancestor), married Anna Maria Peter from Fife, a relative of the Tandy family in Ireland, and emigrated to the Cape of Good Hope in 1844. A younger son, Herbert Vigne, also went out to the Cape. Their descendants live to this day in South Africa.

I owe a particular debt of gratitude to Judith Stichbury in New Zealand and Jacqueline Webster in the USA for sharing their information on parts of this family.


Information on the families mentioned in this web site is being collated by the author, David Morris, 22 Elsmere Road, Kimberley, South Africa.

Much further information on the Windsor and Curtis families is in possession of, and being researched by, Judith Stichbury and Jacqueline Webster.


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